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(Photo taken in 2004)

The more I look, the more I see
That my work isn't only about me.
I am merely a tiny Sample,
That can be used as an Example.

    I am a witness to, and victim of sadistic targeting, which includes criminal use of satellite surveillance systems and radio wave technologies. I feel that my family was targeted for technological experimentation in an illegal continuation of the MKULTRA program since at least 1974.
    There have been vamp ups in the targeting on me since the early 1990s, and it has become an indescribable hell since 2005.

"Targeted in America" Book in Process

    Those who target me have been sabotaging my work, my health, my homes, my vehicles, my relationships - my life. They have often infiltrated my computers, and interfered with my writings and websites and appear to be trying to slander, frame and dyscredit me, in various ways, in efforts to destroy my life and prevent people from believing my testimonies.

I had a testimony on this page, which I erased because it appeared to have been altered by those who target me. Until I can fix and replace it, you can find my heart - my faith, my tears, my love, my fears and my frustrations in what is left of my publications on the links above;

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This targeting situation has become an indescribable struggle to survive. But I am not the only one. As I face the devastating reality of my situation, I realize that I am just one victim of an organization that is now a serious threat to all of humanity. PLEASE become aware and do all that you can to STAND UP and help humanity regain its freedom.

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The targeting has thrust me into financial ruin and has been holding me in homeless destitution. I'm now living in a vehicle and am in deep need of monetary help. Please let your Heart help me. Any amount you can send will be deeply appreciated.

Sharon Rose Poet
Po Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.

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